Whatever your concern, or the nature of the body corporate dispute, Peter Gore will advise you in relation to the applicable law, the relevant legal principles, the options available to you and work with you towards achieving a commercially sound resolution which is appropriate in the context of community living.

Expert Body Corporate Law legal advice and dispute resolution

In Queensland, we have embraced apartment-style living and the body corporate management structures that go with it. When disputes arise, you may need the expert legal advice of body corporate lawyers, Gore and Associates.

Gore and Associates have been working with clients to resolve commercial disputes since 1998. We provide expert legal advice for body corporate committees, body corporate managers and unit owners.

Body corporate law is complex due in part to the raft of necessarily detailed and complicated legislative provisions which govern unit living in Queensland and prescribe the duties, rights and interests of all involved in unit living. Consequently, many participants in the industry are unsure of their legal rights and responsibilities when contested situations arise. This can lead to uncertainty and delays in the resolution of grievances. Gore and Associates can help body corporate committees, body corporate managers and unit owners to manage and reduce legal risk by providing appropriate, timely and cost-effective body corporate advice every time. 

Contact Peter Gore at Gore and Associates Lawyers. Peter will provide legal advice in relation to all matters that arise in the context of body corporate and unit living including:

  • duties and responsibilities of Committee members;
  • building defects;
  • community management statements;
  • management rights;
  • lot entitlements;
  • bulk electricity purchase contracts;
  • resident manager contracts and remuneration issues; and
  • the calling and conduct of general meetings including the requirements for valid resolutions.

When you need to understand the legal issues and resolve a dispute, you can trust Peter, the principal of Gore and Associates.  Gore and Associates can advise and assist you in all areas of body corporate law. We aim to fast track the resolution of disputes and ensure legal action is completed within reasonable timeframes and mutually agreed budgets.